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Other Clubs and Societies;  (Genealogy Society of New Jersey)  (Genealogical Society of Bergen County)

Useful Genealogical Websites;  (Military Records)  (Immigration Records)  (Immigration Records)  (Terminology for basic research) (LDS site)  (A free listing of grave sites)  (Cemetary Records)  (Has links to resources)  (LDS pedigrees available) (German genealogy)  (Tied to  (Sweden)  (UK and Ireland)  (Irish Family History Foundation)  (Ukranian genealogy)  (Foundation for East European Family History Studies)  (Italian Genealogical Group - IGG)  (England - pay per view)  (Rootsweb free bulletin board)  (Soundex) (Obituary News) (US Newspaper Resources)  (Ukrainian Cultural Center)

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The club's Thomas Edwards Library is located at the LEH Senior Center and is open during our monthly meetings.  Many books and magazines are available for check-out by members on a monthly basis.  They can be signed out with librarian Bob Bohan.

Some Magazines available;

Family Chronicle

Family Tree

Internet Genealogy

Some Books Available;

The Handy Book for Genealogists

2004 National Yellowbook of Funeral Directors

Unpuzzling Your Past - A Basic Guide to Genealogy (1983)

You, Too, Can Find Anybody (1993)

Finding Your German Ancestors - A Beginners Guide (1999)

Know Your Ancestors: A guide to Genealogical Research  (1971)

The Official Handbook for Heritage Hunters - Finding Your Roots

Tracing Your Roots  (1977)

The Connecticut Nutmegger

     The 129 book collection of Thomas Edwards, Volumes 1 & 2 (1968/1969) through

     Volume 31, No.4 (March 1999)  Very few books missing.